7pm, first and third Sunday of the month, on Facebook Live
(Online Satsang suspended until further notice)

Satsang, which means “association with the wise,” is a key element of the practice of Yoga. It consists of guided and silent meditation followed by kirtan and an easy-to-follow reading and/or talk on Yoga philosophy or psychology.

In Satsang, people of different levels – from beginners to more experienced practitioners – meditate together. This kind of group practice creates a strong spiritual atmosphere which allows a deeper experience of meditation.

Our kirtan book reflects the inclusiveness of the Sivananda lineage, with a section of chants for each of the main Yogic deities, as well as chants in English and Hebrew. Many of the Sanskrit chants are followed by translations. Our Daily Chants (Jaya Ganesha) and a few bhajans are usually accompanied by harmonium and simple percussion.

We recite Swami Sivananda’s Universal Prayer and conclude Satsang with Arati, an offering and receiving of Divine Light. We also share prasad, a sweet offering.

Beginners and members of all traditions are welcome. This is a free event although donations are gratefully accepted.

“As Satsang is the only safe boat to take you to the other shore of Bliss or Moksha [liberation], you should all try as best as is in your power, never to miss it.” – Swami Sivananda